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WANROY was founded by a couple in the United States, both of whom are employees of a battery company, Wann was a sales specialist who was selling the digital battery, and Royale was an engineer who specializes in the design of BMS (battery management system) for lithium battery packs and the development of DC-to-AC inverters.

They are members of the same RV club, they met and fell in love with each other because of their common hobby, outdoor adventure. One time, they drove to Wyoming to rock climbing. Unfortunately, they encountered a rare rainstorm during rock climbing, which made it impossible for them to return to the car in time. They were trapped in the mountain for two days however both their mobile phones and power banks ran out of battery during the climbing so they were unable to send out a distress signal. Luckily, other adventurers found them after the rainstorm and took them to the hospital.

Wann believed that this was a new business opportunity that a portable power station can effectively solve the problem of off-grid power consumption. Therefore, Wann and Royale decided to jointly develop such a product. After two years of research and development, the first generation, W300, was officially launched. In the same year (2020), they registered and established their own brand – WANROY in the United States. Now, more and more like-minded people in this field have joined us and we have established R&D centers, test laboratories and quality control centers. In addition, we are continually cooperating with the powerful suppliers. Today, WANROY has become one of the world’s leading providers of new energy products for home and outdoor energy storage such as portable power stations, LiFePO4 batteries, and solar panels.

WANROY was born to meet the needs of off-grid power of home, travelers, adventurers, outdoor enthusiasts, and others who are active on the go. Our products focus on using the latest technology to enable more people to use clean energy, reduce carbon emissions, and protect the environment for human survival. Driven by the insatiable demand of off-grid power supply, WANROY will never stop innovating to provide greener, more efficient and safer products and services.

  • Our vision: Become a renewable energy partner

  • Our mission: Good new energy products benefit the world

  • Our value: Loyal to quality, Sincere Service

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