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Portable power stations – in the past 3 years, the growth rate has exceeded 300%

portable power station

Development Path of Portable 

The origin of portable power station is mobile power. The biggest significance of the power bank is just like the need for a mobile phone or other equipment when the battery is out of power. However, with the development of the economy, people’s living standards and spiritual needs have improved simultaneously, and the drawbacks of power banks have gradually emerged, such as small capacity, poor compatibility, and potential safety hazards.Fast forward to today, and traditional power banks have evolved into portable charging stations with a variety of USB ports, solar panel inputs, wireless charging, you can connect together for more power, and even connect to Your home is set up as an emergency backup power system, which is more meaningful to meet people’s electricity needs in an off-grid state.

Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, outbound travel and long-distance travel have been restricted, and outdoor camping in the suburbs has met the urgent desire of more and more young people to go out of their homes, which has greatly boosted the “camping economy”. Outdoor camping-related products, such as portable outdoor power stations, have opened up a high-growth industry track. According to relevant data, the growth rate of the outdoor portable power supply stations industry in the past three years has been more than 300%.

Performance Advantages of Portable Power Stations

Portable Power Stations”, also known as portable energy storage power supply, is an outdoor multi-functional power supply based on lithium-ion batteries, which can output USB, USB-C, DC, AC, car cigarette lighters and other common power interfaces.Covering all kinds of digital equipment, household appliances, vehicle emergency electrical appliances, providing backup power for outdoor travel, family emergency. At the same time, the solar energy storage can be used for a long time in areas separated from the mains. ” Long cycle life, light weight and easy to carry, and its overall performance is more stable and reliable, and has the characteristics of easy operation, low noise, and good maintenance.

Product Name Advantage Disadvantage
Diesel generators High thermal efficiency, low failure and safe use Pollution, noise, environmental restrictions
Lead-acid batteries Inexpensive, long life, easy to recycle, less pollution  Production pollutes the environment
PV No pollution, safety, low threshold for use Low efficiency, restricted external conditions, high cost
Car battery Convenient, self-driving direct use Cannot be used for a long time
 Portable power station Easy to carry, rich in interfaces and large in capacity  High price
Five Common Outdoor Energy Analysis

Application Scenarios of Power Power Stations

The application of portable power supply is very extensive. In addition to outdoor camping, it also involves flood control and emergency rescue, medical rescue, outdoor construction, field exploration, marine operations, mobile booths, outdoor live broadcast, film and television production and other fields. It can be used in pastoral areas, travel RVs and other scenarios.

Portable power station T500 of outdoor application scenarios

The Composition and Material of Portable Power Stations

Portable power station is an outdoor emergency power supply which is composed of chargers, inverters, batteries, isolation transformers, switches and other devices that converts DC power into AC power.

Most of the shell materials of outdoor power supplies are made of high-strength engineering plastics, which are not only anti-drop and shock-resistant, but also have strong fire and rain resistance. The internal material adopts super-capacity ternary lithium battery pack, which is small in size, light in weight and high in power.

As the application scenarios of outdoor power stations become more and more extensive, the requirements for materials are also more stringent. The performance tests of materials include salt spray test, double 85 test (1000 hours), low temperature impact test, etc., which have very high performance requirements for materials.

At present, many outdoor portable power stations on the market can also be combined with solar panels to achieve continuous power supply, so that there is electricity when there is light. When there is a lack of mains power supply, high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar panels can increase the circulating power supply capacity of outdoor power supplies, creating a clean, continuous, safe, reliable, and efficient environment-friendly power consumption solution.

Market Demand and Supply of Portable Power Stations

In recent years, the heat of the new energy vehicle industry has stimulated the development of lithium batteries, and the production cost of outdoor power sources has been greatly reduced. Energy storage technology represented by lithium batteries has begun to replace bulky fuel-fired generators. More people are paying attention to low-carbon environmental protection and green travel, and the demand for new outdoor power sources is also rapidly erupting.

Introduction of Portable Power Stations Related Companies and Products

WANROY — one of the world’s leading providers of new energy products for home and outdoor energy storage such as portable power stations, LiFePO4 batteries, and solar panels.

Top Featured Products:

Portable Power Station T500

Durable: Cycle charging over 1500 times;

540Wh high capacity: Enjoy charging anytime, anywhere;

Lightweight & portable: 5.5kg, the best choice for lightening travel;

Strong heat dissipation: no longer worry about the outdoor temperature being too high, 8000 rpm, a special fan, the cooling wind is stronger, and the shutdown rhythm can be adjusted automatically with the temperature change;

Strong applicability: Don’t pick electrical appliances, stabilize voltage, achieve the effect of not damaging electrical equipment, built-in overload, short circuit, overvoltage and other protection functions, high reliability. It has top breathing atmosphere light, which can adjust the environmental atmosphere in a timely manner, and is the best choice for camping.

  • Portable Power Station HS600

Longer: 626Wh high capacity, enjoy the longer power supply;

Safer: Built-in battery management system (BMS) prevent overcharge, overheat, overcurrent and short circuit;

Smarter: Built-in branded interver, auto match input and output voltage and current;

9 ports to meet all you need: 1 DC input, 2 AC ports, 3 USB ports, 2 DC ports, and cigarette lighter output;

Clearer: LCD screen to displays all status you need to know.

WANROY was born to meet the needs of off-grid power of home, travelers, adventurers, outdoor enthusiasts, and others who are active on the go. Our products focus on using the latest technology to enable more people to use clean energy, reduce carbon emissions, and protect the environment for human survival. Driven by the insatiable demand of off-grid power supply, WANROY will never stop innovating to provide greener, more efficient and safer products and services.

Development trend and prospect forecast of portable energy storage device industry

The portable energy storage equipment industry is gradually emerging, and it is still in the early stage of industry development: In recent years, while the application of mobile smart terminals such as mobile phones and tablet computers has been continuously improved, it has become a trend to seek outdoor life that is free and close to nature, and the market demand for outdoor electricity is increasing. In addition, due to global climate change, natural Disasters are frequently occurring, seriously affecting the stability of global power supply. Emergency backup power has gradually become an important backup in family life. In the past, the power supply for outdoor and emergency situations was mainly provided by small fuel generators, but fuel generators are noisy, complicated to operate and pollute the environment. In recent years, people’s demand for green portable power has been increasing. The portable energy storage industry derived from energy technology is gradually emerging.

Although portable energy storage products have been around for a short time, they accurately match the power demand market in the new era with the advantages of being safe, portable, easy to operate, noise-free, large-capacity, high-power, capable of outputting both AC and DC power at the same time, and wide adaptability. consumption pain points, and the market size is growing rapidly.

In the era of the Internet of Everything, smart terminals are becoming more and more popular, and the demand for portable power continues to increase.

There are abundant outdoor demand scenarios, and the market for portable energy storage is broad.


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